Stephen Hawking audio quote used to launch Vodafone, Smart Network, NZ

June 2022

Using the words of Stephen Hawking, Vodafone NZ launch their new upgraded mobile and broadband network, The Smart Network. The campaign created by DDB Group Aotearoa tackles the theory that time is relative, to highlight the pace of change and the way time flows at different speeds.


The concept of time has been a bit of a hazy one these past few years – seemingly passing us by at the speed of light with lots of changes, while simultaneously moving in slow motion. The bold and evocative campaign aims to convey this slipperiness of time, an idea that was first proposed by Albert Einstein 100 years ago and later articulated by Stephen Hawking.


The contrast of fast and slow motion is used to demonstrate time, juxtaposing the beauty of small, intimate moments against the positive energy of communal change led by Vodafone.