New Stephen Hawking book 'You and the universe' asks kids to save the Earth

August 2023

Stephen Hawking's interstellar call to save Earth is coming soon to children's bookshelves.


Daughter Lucy Hawking adapted his 2018 message about our planet into the new children's book "You and the Universe" (Random House, 2024) releasing March 26, 2024.


Lucy explains, "You and the Universe' is an imaginative and inclusive book which brings my father's extraordinary work in science to life for readers of all ages, beautifully illustrated by artist Xin Li. The combination of my father's words with Xin's stunning visuals will captivate the very youngest scientists, and spark their curiosity about the universe we inhabit by sharing the wonder and delight of the cosmos — and remind us all why life on Earth is so unique and precious."

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