Dr. Jane Goodall DBE - Hawking Fellow 2020 Lecture

November 2020

The Professor Stephen Hawking Fellowship was established in 2017 to recognise the Professor's contribution to Cambridge. The Fellowship is awarded anuually to those who have made extraordinary contribution to stem and social discourse and in the Fellowship's fourth year they have announced Dr. Jane Goodall as the 2020 Hawking Fellow. This marks the 60th anniversary of her work and studies of chimpanzees in Gombe, Tazania. Dr. Goodall is a mythologist, an environmentalist, founder of The Jane Goodall Institute, and United Nations Messenger of Peace.


Seen here delivering The Hawking Fellow 2020 Lecture, Dr. Jane Goodall reminds us that all of our actions make a difference and it is up to us the kind of difference we make.