The Bremont Limited Edition Hawking Watch Collection


Commemorating the life of Professor Hawking, the Limited Edition Bremont Hawking Watch Collection is dedicated to the British scientist whose study of time enhanced our understanding of the universe and beyond.


The classically styled Bremont Hawking Limited Edition watch, contains 4 wooden discs inlaid into the back of the watch taken from the desk at which Hawking contemplated the mysteries of the universe, one of his most treasured possessions.

Each chronometer also contains meteorite to symbolise the cosmos which can be seen at the centre of the hand-finished closed case back, as well as an etching of stars from the night sky in Oxford, on 8th January 1942, the date that Hawking was born. The watch’s serial number is printed on paper from original copies of a 1979 seminal research paper commonly referred to as “The ‘nuts’ and ‘bolts’ of gravity”, co-written with one of Hawking’s longest serving collaborators, Professor Gary Gibbons, that sought to understand the thermal properties of black holes. 

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